Dental tourism

Spare funds on treatment

Save your money
We will choose a low-cost airline for you, provide you with a cost-effective residence, and offer you a convenient set of dental services.
Flight & Transfer
We will book a flight for you in advance. Many low-cost airline companies provide transfer to Kyiv from different EU countries.
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We will offer you a hostel, an apartment or a least-costly option of hotel to stay at.
Therapy in
a modern clinic
Vinir dental clinic consists of like-minded specialists with high experience of work. Conscientious work, the use of modern materials and technologies, excellent service are the basis for our good reputation and success.
We study and implement new technologies in dentistry. Particular attention is paid to sterilization, which allows us to guarantee a high level of sterility and safety. Our patients can get qualified help, from counseling and diagnosis to comprehensive treatment and prosthetics.
Implantation and prosthesis
Dental osteoplasty
Treatment and hygiene care for teeth
Art tooth restoration
Micro prosthetics with dental inlays
Dental whitening
Advantages of Vinir clinic:
Modern equipment
We use advanced treatment methods and technologies.
Reasonable prices
We offer veneering at reasonable prices. It's easy to get a Hollywood smile in Ukraine!
No days off
We work seven days per week. Combine several visits to the necessary specialists and save your time!
Plan your treatment
Plan your treatment in advance, so you have a clear understanding of expenses and time-schedule of your treatment
Treat and have a good time
We guarantee a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable communication in our clinic; our patients are our friends!
Rest on your own time
Walk through the city and get acquainted with its sights.
Go for a walk
Enjoy the beauty of Kyiv architecture
Taste our food
Have a dinner by the side of Dnipro river
Let's make your
smile perfect!
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Spare funds on treatment
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Treat for reasonable prices
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Treat while travelling
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